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Customer, Customer, Who’s Got the Customer

Exporting Customer Lists In PrestaShop

Exporting Customer Lists In PrestaShop

An advantage of an online store is that you can collect information in order to keep in contact with your customers by periodically sending news updates and promotions as a means of drawing them back to your store. The PrestaShop shopping cart solution keeps a list of customer accounts and provides a means of exporting them via the Back Office. To export the list of customers, click on the … [Read more...]

Variations on a Theme

A Responsive Design Solution to Support Multiple Display Sizes

Ye Ol Composers Website at Display Width of 480px

  The Theme: Ever since mankind first broke free from the pythonian bit-crushing death grip of dial-up, we’ve been evolving the use and function of websites. They’ve changed from simple static pages of mostly text to information warehouses designed to attract, engage and retain viewers. The one constant throughout these changes has been the importance of content and how it’s … [Read more...]

The Cookie Monster Ate My Password

Customer and Employee Passwords No Longer Work After Migrating to a New Prestashop Installation

The Cookie Monster Ate My Password

For those of us in the software industry there comes a time when an upgrade becomes so convoluted or a working directory so corrupted that it is easier to start fresh with a nice shiny new install. Unfortunately, migrating to a new install can come with its own set of problems. For example, I encountered an issue when migrating a working PrestaShop store to a completely new installation including … [Read more...]

Header and Footer Backgrounds Not Filling Browser or Mobile Device Window

Groundswell Website Header

I encountered this problem during our work on the GroundSwell site.  The header and footer both feature full browser-width background fills that are a different color from the body background.  The header also has a background image that is being repeated across the x axis to fill the entire width of the browser.  Everything looked as expected during initial development as you can see … [Read more...]

@Font-face Kit Generator for Hosted Fonts on Your Website

Adding custom fonts to a website is becoming more customary in website design.  The unique fonts add a nice customized flare to the theme of the site and hosting a font allows the customized text to still be parsed by search engines instead of being an image. One drawback of hosting a font is that different operating systems and browsers look for different font file types.  The four standard … [Read more...]

GroundSwell’s Getting Schooled

Bon Bini. As I write this, I am in an Aruba state of mind. Maybe it’s from relaxing on the beach or maybe it’s just the Balashi talking but I wanted to take this time to introduce a new portion of the GroundSwell Web Designs blog which we have dubbed “Schooled.” It has been my experience in the field of software that no matter how much you know or think you know, real knowledge isn’t … [Read more...]

Pssst. Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a Watch…Online?

Benefits of Using the Prestashop E-commerce Solution for Your Online Store

Psst. Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a Watch

Back in August I read an article by Christopher Butler of Newfangled entitled “Ten Things You Should *Definitely* Know About Ecommerce.” The article provides some great information and is a must read for anyone considering opening a store online.“ In the next series of articles I am going to highlight areas discussed by Chris as well as some others to show how businesses can leverage … [Read more...]

Does This Template Make My Website Look Fat?

Representing Your Brand Online Through Good Design

“Image is everything” No statement could be truer for your business.  Everything your business does from logo, products, services, advertising, and even to how the phones are answered all combine together to form a single unique image.  This is your brand and it defines what your business does, how it does it, and ultimately how your customers view you.  Businesses dedicate significant … [Read more...]

Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant Case Study

Under New Management

Los Arcos Restaurant Website Screenshot

After working as a waitress, cook, and manager at Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant for over 8 years, Rocio made the courageous decision, along with Shah as her partner, to buy the restaurant. Its Mexican menu had already amassed a loyal following over the years, but as the new owners, Shah and Rocio wanted to put their own stamp on the place. Some of their ideas included live music events, the flavors … [Read more...]