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Exporting Customer Lists In PrestaShop

An advantage of an online store is that you can collect information in order to keep in contact with your customers by periodically sending news updates and promotions as a means of drawing them back to your store. The PrestaShop shopping cart solution keeps a list of customer accounts and provides a means of exporting them via the Back Office.

To export the list of customers, click on the Modules Tab in the PrestaShop Back Office. This takes you to the Modules page where you will see a list of modules organized into expandable sections.

PrestaShop Back Office Modules Page

Expand the “Administration” section and locate the module titled “Newsletter.”

PrestaShop Newsletter Module Listing

NOTE: The Newsletter module is not installed by default. You must install the module by clicking on “Install” before you can proceed with the rest of the steps to export a customer list.

Click “Configure” to open the export manager.

PresaShop Newsletter Export Page

The newsletter export page gives you several options to export a list of customers.

To export a list of all customers go to the Export customers section and do the following:

  • Select “All countries” in the Customers’ country drop down menu
  • Select “All customers” in the Newsletter subscribers drop down menu
  • Select “All customers” in the Opted-in subscribers drop down menu
  • Click Export .CSV file

PrestaShop will display a message once the CSV generation is completed.

PrestaShop Newsletter Export Success Message

Click on the “Download the file export_##################.csv” link to download the file.

The name of the downloaded file will use the following format:


 Once downloaded the CSV file can be edited and uploaded into a newsletter management software such as MailChimp. It is a good idea to send a message out to customers at least once a month. Happy selling!

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