@Font-face Kit Generator for Hosted Fonts on Your Website

Adding custom fonts to a website is becoming more customary in website design.  The unique fonts add a nice customized flare to the theme of the site and hosting a font allows the customized text to still be parsed by search engines instead of being an image.

One drawback of hosting a font is that different operating systems and browsers look for different font file types.  The four standard file types are:

  • .eot
  • .svg
  • .ttf
  • .woff

Typically the custom font is provided in one file type leaving the designer responsible for generating the other file types and creating the necessary @font-face CSS code for the hosted font to work across different browsers.

Font Squirrel provides a quick and useful tool to generate a font kit that includes the necessary files and CCS code to host a font.  To create a font kit, go to the Font Squirrel @font-face Generator page, http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontface/generator, and follow the instructions.  The resulting .zip file will contain the different font files plus the @font-face CSS code required to declare the font for the site. Upload the font files, add the CSS code and set the correct path to the files in the @font-face declaration and you are ready to use your custom font.

Happy customizing ;)

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