GroundSwell’s Getting Schooled

Bon Bini. As I write this, I am in an Aruba state of mind. Maybe it’s from relaxing on the beach or maybe it’s just the Balashi talking but I wanted to take this time to introduce a new portion of the GroundSwell Web Designs blog which we have dubbed “Schooled.”

It has been my experience in the field of software that no matter how much you know or think you know, real knowledge isn’t gained until you have spent hours researching, experimenting, hacking, cursing, and beating your head against the wall trying to solve a problem. If you are reading this and nodding your head, yes, then you know the feeling and have already been accepted into the School of Hard Knocks (SoHK) and have participated in classes.

Schooled is dedicated to assisting others by sharing some of the lessons we have learned during our continued studies at SoHK University regarding website design and development, e-commerce, and internet marketing tools, techniques, and strategies. It is our hope that the information we share will be useful to others searching for answers to problems which we have already encountered to save them time, energy, and most importantly deposits to the swear jar.

Aruba’s motto is “One Happy Island.” We at GroundSwell Web Designs are ready to bring that mentality over to the mainland. That would definitely be the Balashi talking. ;)

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Charlie is co-founder and president of GroundSwell Web Designs. When he's not evaluating tools, building sites, assisting clients, or verbally threatening computers you can usually find him outside wondering what that big bright object is in the sky. You can follow him on Linkedin. See all posts by Charlie.