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How Content Marketing Helps Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Been shopping for a new website, lately? Then you’ve probably been beat over the head with web design agencies advertising the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how well they do it. While you probably need a web design or Internet marketing agency to get you going, you can be a helluva good SEO-ist on your own.

Granted, there are some technical aspects to getting SEO rolling on your website. I say read a few articles on the Internet to do some research, and then hire a web design company that knows what they’re talking about when they consult with you. Let the web design agency lay the SEO foundation. But once your website is up and running, a content marketing strategy can really put the optimization in SEO.

Content marketing strategies are all about regularly updating your website with new, educational, and read-worthy content. (For more on content marketing, read my article A Content Marketing Primer). This includes things like blog articles, newsletters, case studies, and webinars. Using this strategy has a couple of positive effects:

  1. You develop a closer relationship with your prospects by showing your industry expertise and helping your website viewers solve problems.
  2. You keep driving up your website’s relevancy with search engines by having fresh content for the search engines to index.

So long as you follow some basic rules when you post content to your website, your ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines will continue to go up over time. If you have a content management system (CMS), then following the rules is a lot easier. A good CMS will usually take care of much of the technical aspects of SEO, and it’s definitely a must in a content marketing strategy.

The reason your SEO will improve with content marketing is that search engines regularly crawl the web, looking at your website content to see if it’s really related to what you’re claiming it is – be it engine mufflers or baked goods. However, it’s no help to your business to have a bakery website with content about engine mufflers. They’re unrelated, and the search engines will know that. It’s a sure way to get a low search engine ranking. Over time, it’s also no help to your business to have the content on your website remain static. New competitors are putting up websites all the time, and your website is competing with them for ranking, and, like Barney Stinson, search engines believe “newer is always better.” So, if you’re posting new and relevant content to your website regularly, you’ll stay competitive on search engine rankings.

Content marketing is a great strategy to market on the Internet. Internet marketing companies know this well, and if you look at many of their websites, you’ll see it being used. It does take commitment, though. I’ll cover some tactics for easing the pain of a content marketing strategy in my next blog post. Stay tuned.

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