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Zanshin Gulf Coast Jiu-Jitsu Academy Case Study

More than Martial Arts

“Gulf Coast. Zen. Flip-Flops.” That’s how Corey Richardson, owner and head instructor at Zanshin Gulf Coast Jiu-Jitsu Academy, described the look and feel of his website when we sat down with him for a design consultation. Now, it’s at this point where most web designers would either groan or panic. Not GroundSwell – we aim to please, and that’s what we did. Getting the Right … [Read more...]

Tech-South Case Study

Seeking the Right Clients

IT. For those of us in the tech sector, those two little letters usually conjure to mind large-scale geographic installations of hardware and software, wires snaking through offices and walls, and a lot of blinking lights. Things usually associated with the word “enterprise.” But not all businesses need “enterprise” scale IT services. Some just need a guy to come in and kick the servers … [Read more...]

Status Runway Case Study

Building a Retail Business Online

Charlie and I aren’t what you would call fashionistas. I wear cargo shorts and a $6 t-shirt most days of the week, and I think Charlie takes a quick whiff of his clothes to see if they’re still wearable before putting them on. So, when Sedrick and Daphney Easterling of Status Runway came to GroundSwell for help with their e-commerce fashion site, I knew we had our work cut out for us. Born … [Read more...]

Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant Case Study

Under New Management

After working as a waitress, cook, and manager at Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant for over 8 years, Rocio made the courageous decision, along with Shah as her partner, to buy the restaurant. Its Mexican menu had already amassed a loyal following over the years, but as the new owners, Shah and Rocio wanted to put their own stamp on the place. Some of their ideas included live music events, the flavors … [Read more...]